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Maverick Program Awards


Congratulations to our 2021 Maverick Program award recipients!

The following practitioners have been named an MCS Maverick by their peers. Their progressive, innovative ideas have been recognized for the lasting impact they will have on medical aesthetics!


Minimally Invasive - Injectables

Arthur Yu, MD, PhD -  Nasal Elongation and Tip Improvement with a Novel Nonsurgical Technique -  Facial Injectables Masterclass Sessions

Wendy Lee, MD -  Beauty and the Beast: What Drives Some Toward Aesthetics -  Dealing with Side Effects & Complications

John Joseph, MD - Microfocused Large Dose Botulinum Toxin Injection in the Face… The Future! John Joseph, MD - Facial Injectables - The Power of Progressive Thinking Part 1

Robyn Siperstein, MD -  Filler to Camouflage Prolapsed Fat Pads -  Facial Injectables - The Power of Progressive Thinking Part 2

Vincent McGinniss, DO -  Turning Up the Heat with PDO Threads: Combination Therapy with PDO Threads -  Threads in 2021

Silvia Zimbres, MD -  The Nonsurgical Genioplasty with Hyaluronic Acid: The Fundamental Role of the Chin on Facial Contouring -  Lower Face Rejuvenation with Live Cadaver Anatomy

Frank Rosengaus, MD -  Midface and The Ligament Plane: More Relevant Today -  Midface Rejuvenation with Live Cadaver Anatomy)





Minimally Invasive - Devices, Cosmeceuticals and Specialty

Greg Chernoff, MD -  The Powerful Role Of Exosomes In Aesthetic And Reconstructive Medicine -  Specialty Course: Regenerative Aesthetics

Paul Perito, MD -  The State of Male -  Specialty Course: Genital Health & Aesthetics Genital Cosmetics

Emily Carr, MD -  A Randomized Single-Center, Double-Blinded, Split-Body Clinical Trial of Poly-L-Lactic Acid for the Tx of Cellulite on the Buttocks and Thighs -  Nonsurgical Body Shaping – Tight, Toned and Trim

Greg Chernoff, MD -  “Pass The Salt!” A Novel Non-Energy Exfoliation Combining Sea Salt, Cavitating Ultrasound and LED Phototherapy -  Energy-Based
Aesthetic Treatments

Doris Day, MD -  Hair Growth Update: The Role of In-Office Lasers and Combination Treatments -  Specialty Course: Hair Restoration in Aesthetics

TIE:  Suneel Chilukuri, MD -  Successful Treatment of Solar Lentigines by Topical Application of Stabilized Cysteamine 5%: A Vehicle-Controlled, Double-Blind Randomized Study -  Cosmeceuticals & Peels AND  Julius Few, MD -  The Birth of a New Category of Skincare -  Cosmeceuticals & Peels

Robyn Siperstein, MD -  Combining Nonsurgical Procedures For Maximum Results - Combination
Approaches & Treatments – The Ultimate Practice Multipliers



Plastic Surgery

Otto Placik, MD -  High Volume Fat Transfer for Breast Asymmetry: Preliminary Findings

John Joseph, MD -  A Potential Explanation for Bony Changes of the Face Due to Aging with CT Verification

Azza Halim, MD -  The Effect of the Administration of Sublingual Sufantenil on Reducing Post-Operative Recovery Time and Opioid Use in the Outpatient Plastic Surgery Setting

Patrick Flaherty, MD -  Versatility in Endoscopic Brow Lifting

Arthur Y. Yu, MD, PhD -  Algorithm for Finesse of Asian Upper Blepharoplasty (Session 3)